Aim and Scope
     Microbiology journal is one of the series issued twice by the Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences, and is devoted to publication of original papers related to the research across the whole spectrum of the subject. These including bacteriology, virology, mycology and parasitology. In addition, the journal promotes research on the impact of living organisms on their environment with emphasis on subjects such a resource, depletion, pollution, biodiversity, ecosystem…..etc.
Features of Microbiology include:
  • Wide-ranging and rigorously peer-reviewed research papers and reviews
  • User-friendly online submission and peer review
  • A Microbiology Comment section for responses from readers on articles published in the journal
  • An international Editorial Board with expertise across the whole of microbiology
  • Excellent editorial and production standards
  • Authors receive 20 reprints of their paper

ISSN  2090-0872

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