Vol. 2 Num. 2 2010

The presence of persistent coliform and E. coli contamination sequestered within the leaves of the popular fresh salad vegetable “Jarjeer / Rocket” (Eruca sativa L.).
Dennis J. Russell1*; Sarah Abdul Majid2 and Daniel Tobias3

Effect of heavy metals on soil microbial processes and population
Al Gaidi. Abdousalam

Pulmonary Nocardiosis; Similarity to Tuberculosis (A Bacteriological and Proteomics Study)
Mogahid M. El Hassan1; Nageeb S. Saeed2; Mohamed E. Hamid3 and M. Goodfellow4

Bacteriological and serological study on synovial Fluid in septic arthritis patients
Shehab Ahmed Lafi ; Omaima T.M. Al-Mashhadani and Waleed I. Al-Obaidi

Secondary Bacterial Infections Complicating Psoriasis
Shehab A. Lafi1, Abdullah S.-Hasan2 and Muntaha M. Al-Alowssi1

The bactericidal efficacy of cold atmospheric plasma technology on some bacterial strains
Raja M. Moman and Hmeda Najmaldeen*

Evaluation of Apoptotic proteins (p53 and Bcl-2) expression in trophoblastic tissue of women infected with Toxoplasma gondii diagnosed by polymerase chain reaction
Nidhal, Abdulmohaimen and Safaa, Mezban

Serological Detection of the Thermoactinomyces vulagris Antigen in Farmer’s lung disease Patients using ELISA method
Basima A. Abdulla; Essra G. Al-Sammak and Anmar A. Al-Taie

Studies on contamination and quality of fresh fish meats during storage
Gamal El-Deen, M. R. El-Shamery

Isolation and Identification of Microorganisms Associated With Removable Denture: Prevalence of Non Oral Pathogens
Fatma Alzahraa M. Gomaa and Zeinab H. Helal

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