Vol. 3 Num. 1 2011

Diarrheal diseases among internally home displaced (idps) in khartoum state, Sudan
Mogahid M. El-Hassan; Naglaa M. Eid; Miselyeen A. Elmekki and Ahmed A. Al-Jarie

Investigating the ability of five fungal species to utilize Gasoline as sole carbon source.
Abdulaziz Yahya Al-Ghamdi

Presentation of brucellosis in an endemic area; west of IRAQ
Haitham N. Al- Koubaisy and Shehab A. Lafi

Microorganisms Associated With Burn Wound Infection in Sana’a, Yemen
Alghalibi S.M.S., Humaid A.A., Alshaibani E.A.S. and Alhamzy E.H.L.

Validity of Antimycolic Acids Antibodies in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in TB/HIV Co-infected Patients in Khartoum State, Sudan
Mogahid M Elhassan, Osama A. Elhassan, Ahmed E. Dirar, Elrayah E. Abbas and Miskelyemen A. Elmekki

Molecular study of Beta-Haemolytic Streptococci in Patients with Tonsillitis In Ramadi City
Samira M. Al-Khalifawi, Alaa A. Al-Khafaji and Muthana A. Al-zobaei

Recent approaches for controlling brown spot disease of Faba Bean in Egypt
Yehia A.G. Mahmoud1, Soad M. Abu El Souod, Saeid Alsokari, Abd-Elwahb Ismaeil and Magid attia

Review on hospital wastes and its possible treatments
Abdulaziz Yahya Al-Ghamdi

Microbiological Environmental Monitoring in Pharmaceutical Facility
Mohammed Seif El-Din Ashour; Moselhy Salah Mansy and Mostafa Essam Eissa

Antibacterial Effect of some Mineral Clays In Vitro
Shehab A. Lafi and Mohammed R. Al-Dulaimy

Molecular Detection of 16SrRNA of Chlamydia pneumoinae and specific IgE in Asthmatic Patients
Hatim A. Al-Sabhany, Shehab A. lafi, and Mushtaq T. S. Al-Oqayli

Detection of 16S r RNA gene of Helicobacter pylori in patients with peptic ulcer and gastric carcinoma: molecular and bacteriological study
Mohamed B. AL-Jobori, Mushtak T. AL-Ouqaili and Essam M. Abdullah

Bacterial Prevalence and Resistance to Antimicrobial Agents in Southwest, Saudi Arabia
Masoud E.A, Mahdy M.E. and Esmat A.M

Knowledge about hiv/aids and tuberculosis co-infections among students of tertiary institutions in Ilorin, Nigeria
OLAITAN Olukunmi Lanre, WILLIAMS Felicia, B. Pharm., M.Comm.H.

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