Vol. 7 Num. 1 2015

Identification study some virulence factors of invasive mold infections isolated from patients undergoing chemotherapy in Tikrit teaching Hospital
Milad Adnan Mezher, Wa,ad Mahmoud Ra,oof, Khalil Ibrahim Bandar

Molecular Detection of Echinococcus granulosus (G1) Strain in human and other intermediate host using molecular marker.
Suzan A. Al-Nakeeb, Mohammed A. Kadir and Abdul-Rahman A.

Laccase Production From Trametes hirsuta and Decolourisation of Phenolic Textile Dye In a Laccase Mediator System (LMS)
Ali A. Taha, Nada Husham Abdulateef, Ghassaq Tariq Sadiq, Mohammed Omar Abdullatif, Haider Abdullzahra Glaiym and Haralambos Stamatis and Batol Imran Dheeb

Microbial Bioremediation of some Heavy Metals in Soils: An updated review
Gosa Girma

Antimicrobial Activities of Seed and Leaf Extracts of Moringa oleifera against Common Clinical Microbial Isolates
Olaitan J. O., Kareem S. O., Aroyehun D. B., Omeike S. O.

Fungi associated with grapevine (Vitis vinifera L) decline in middle of Iraq
Samir K. Abdullah, Marwan Q. Al-Samarraie, Akeel H. Al-Assie

Mycobiota and Incidence of Toxigenic Fungi in Dried Fruits from Duhok Markets, North Iraq
Asia A. M. Saadullah1and Samir Khalaf Abdullah

The Antibacterial Activity Of Bee Venom On Selected Pathogenic Bacteria
Amany Z. Salem, El-Sayed H. Bedair, Wael R. Hablas, Abir A. Elfiky and Basma I. Hussein

Frequency Distribution and Treatment Outcomes of Suspected Tuberculosis Patients at Civil Hospital Barikot Swat, Pakistan
Tauseef Ahmad, Haroon, Abdul Majid, Akbar Hussain, Muhammad Waqar, Najeeb Ullah and Tariq Ullah

Detection and Growth of Eschericia coli and Salmonella in Jarjeer/Rocca while in Transit and Storage and Their Presence in the Prepared Salad Mixture Called Tabouleh
Dennis J. Russell

Microbiological Study On Children Biscuits in Saudi Arabia
Latifa A. Al-Husnian and Muneera D. F. Al-Kahtani

Synergistic Effects of Honeys and Commonly Used Antibiotics on Gram Positive Bacteria
Masoud E. A., Alqurashi A. M. and Alamin A. A

Isolation and Identification of Bacteria for Camel's and Goat's Milk. Traditional Dairy of Saudi Arabia
Muneera D. F. ALKahtani

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